Global Disease Burden Estimates of Respiratory Syncytial Virus–Associated Acute Respiratory Infection in Older Adults in 2015: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ting Shi, Angeline Denouel, Anna K. Tietjen, Iain Campbell, Emily Moran, Xue Li, Harry Campbell, Clarisse Demont, Bryan O. Nyawanda, Helen Y. Chu, Sonia K. Stoszek, Anand Krishnan, Peter Openshaw, Ann R. Falsey, and Harish Nair, for the RESCEU Investigators


Shi and colleagues conducted a systemtic review and meta analysis of the global burden of RSV disease in adults above the age of 65, stratifying studies based on developing and industrualised regions, and taking into account community incidence, hospitalization rate, and in hospital fatality rates. This review covered a range of 44 studies from 1996 to 2018 along with 8 additional unpublished studies. There were an estimated 1.5 million cases of RSV-ARI in industrialised countries in 2015 with roughly 14.5% of these being admitted to hospitals. It was not possible to estimate these figures accurately for developing countries in isolation. It was estimated that there were approximately 336000 hospitalisations due to RSV-ARI in older adults worldwide in 2015, with about 14000 in hospital deaths in this age group. This study provides the most definitive and up to date statistics on RSV burden in this demographic and provides a companion piece to Shi and colleagues previous burden study in children published in 2017. Data for RSV-ARI burden in this demographic is lacking in developing countries, and could greatly strengthen the findings of this study.

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