A codon-pair deoptimized live-attenuated vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus is immunogenic and efficacious in non-human primates

Steffen Mueller, Charles B. Stauft, Raj Kalkeri, Fusataka Koidei, Anna Kushnir, Sybil Tasker, J. Robert Coleman


A novel codon-deoptimized RSV vaccine protected African Green Monkeys against viral replication and induced neutralizing antibodies as well as cellular IFNg response against RSV. Deoptimized vaccines are generated in vitro with the aim to impair replication in human cells through multiple synonymous codon changes. The idea is that the amino acid order is not changed. The vaccine was tested in African Green Monkeys challenged with RSV A2. Replication of MinL4.0 was decreased a 100-fold compared to wild-type A2. Anecdotally, the investigators report that there was one animal with preexistent neutralizing antibodies who still responded to MinL4.0 suggesting the vaccine can be used in exposed individuals. The vaccine has been developed by Codagenix Inc with support of NIAID. The vaccine will now be tested as a mucosal vaccine in humans.

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