RESCEU Mid-Term Review

In February, IMI organised the Mid-Term Review of our project that took place in Brussels. A team of 20 people represented our consortium in front of our Project Officer, Isabella Tamagnini, and three reviewers: Dimitrios Athanasious, Dirk Jochmans and Tanel Tenson. During the meeting, a representative of each work package exposed their achievements and explained the risk circumstances that they have managed during the duration of the project.

In their final summary both the reviewers and our project officer were full of praise for RESCEU both for our scientific achievements, as well as for patient and public engagement and the positive team spirit that was evident to everyone. Of course, not everything is wonderful, and the reviewers have recommendations to make our project better.

Congratulations to the whole Consortium for accomplish this important milestone successfully!

Let’s keep the good work!