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Pre-F-Stabilized Rsv Vaccine, A New Vaccine On The Horizon?

Liu X, Liang B, Ngwuta J, Liu X, Surman S, Lingemann M, Kwong PD, Graham BS, Collins PL, Munir S. Attenuated human parainfluenza virus type 1 (HPIV1) expressing the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) fusion F glycoprotein from an added gene: effects of pre-fusion stabilization and packaging of RSV F. Journal of Virology, November 2017, vol. …

The first large case series of in-hospital RSV deaths

Scheltema NM, Gentile A, Lucion F, Nokes DJ, Munywoki PK, Madhi SA, Groome MJ, Cohen C, Moyes J, Thorburn K, Thamthitiwat S, Oshitani H, Lupisan SP, Gordon A, Sanchez JF, O’Brien KL, on behalf of the PERCH Study Group, Gessner BD, Sutanto A, Mejias A, Ramilo O, Khuri-Bulos N, Halasa N, de-Paris F, Rosane Pires …

C-reactive protein differentiates RSV from bacterial infection

Higdon MM, Le T, O’Brien KL, Murdoch DR, Prosperi C, Baggett HC, Brooks WA, Feikin DR, Hammitt LL, Howie SRC, Kotloff KL, Levine OS, Scott JAG, Thea DM, Awori JO, Baillie VL, Cascio S, Chuananon S, DeLuca AN, Driscoll AJ, Ebruke BE, Endtz HP, Kaewpan A, Kahn G, Karani A, Karron RA, Moore DP, Park …