Europe’s project RESCEU sheds new light on the fight against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus and its economic impact

RESCEU scientists publish supplement in Journal of Infectious Diseases revealing impact of RSV, the most common cause of severe respiratory illness in infants and children worldwide.

• Globally, an estimated 33 million young children are diagnosed with RSV each year, over 3 million cases require hospitalisation. Annually, the virus causes 118,000 deaths.
• RSV costs governments around the world nearly …

ISAG encourages RESCEU to export its framework to fight vaccine preventable diseases such as COVID-19

The International Scientific Advisory Group (ISAGs) played a primary role, at RESCEU 4th GAM. Precisely, one of the main responsibilities of this body of experts on scientific and technical matters relevant to the project is to provide advice to the General Assembly and the Steering Committee and support their decision making.

In this year’s General Assembly Meeting, the ISAG …

Early career researchers take the floor at RESCEU’s virtual 4th GAM

RSV research has a bright future judging by the good work and implication shown by the early career researchers during RESCEU’s virtual 4th General Assembly Meeting (GAM). Indeed, this year’s edition wanted to bring into focus the contribution young scientists are making to the project which intends to build knowledge on RSV for the future development of effective RSV

RESCEU’s GAM goes virtual to continue fostering scientific debate around RSV

RESCEU celebrated its 4th General Assembly Meeting last 17th and 18th of June in exceptional circumstances due to COVID-19.  

The plans to congregate RESCEU’s Consortium members in the historical city of Edinburg to celebrate the 4th General Assembly Meeting (GAM) in a three-day event were cut short by COVID-19. Given this year’s challenging circumstances, knowledge sharing, …

RESCEU Mid-Term Review

In February, IMI organised the Mid-Term Review of our project that took place in Brussels. A team of 20 people represented our consortium in front of our Project Officer, Isabella Tamagnini, and three reviewers: Dimitrios Athanasious, Dirk Jochmans and Tanel Tenson. During the meeting, a representative of each work package exposed their achievements and explained the risk circumstances that they